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2023年电影和磁带博览会 2023年电影和磁带博览会


FILM & TAPE EXPO 2023 is the most famous and biggest exhibition of tapes and films in China.More than 3000 exhibitors participated in this exhibition.It related to the application of Electrics, Medicine,Security, Logistics,Automobile,Home appliances,Newenergy,Photovoltaic,PlasticPackaging, etc.

Raloyal who play the important role in the film&tape converting industry of course participated in this exhibtion ,brought the latest innovative and best-selling equipment:HCH2-1300 High Speed Slitting Machine and HC-650 Surface coil slitting machineBoth machines are characterized by high efficiency and high precision:slitting precision /-0.08mm, speed can reach 500m/min.

That’s no doubt this machine interested many passing visitors stop to check and asked the details of Raloyal HCH2-1300 High Speed Slitting Machine ,The visitors talkded with us the machine details and checked how to run at speed 500m/min.Raloyal technician operated one by one as customer demands .The testing result satisfied customers much .

The cusortmers are
mainly china fucntion film manufacture ,also have forgein cusotmers and traders from Noth Europe ,Middle Europe ,Asia etc .Some customers expressed their willingness to use our machinery for capacity boost and some want to buy machine for equipment upgrading ,also expressed that they will visit our facory after the exhibition . Mr.Wu who has more than 100 Tape Converting Machines wants to replace the Tape Converting Machine with our HCH2-1300 high speed slitting machine,the cooperation is gradually advancing.

Thanks for all visitorstrust and FILM & TAPE EXPO host.This is a great opportunity and reflects the strength of raloyal.

Looking forward to meet you all at LABELEXPO SHANGHAI on 5-8th Dec.

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